Top 6 Qualities Needed to Get a Call Centre Representative Job

Unlike other industries, business process outsourcing companies provide support to a variety of clients. In order to meet client demands, it is necessary to provide excellent solution to every caller. On the other hand, a call centre representative should be well-equipped with knowledge and skills so that he can deliver his best in every call.

Careers in call centre have great future. One can start his career as a call centre representative and with experience this may lead to the position of a team leader with short duration of time.

It’s easy to get a call centre job vacancy in Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi or any other big city across India. However, you need to possess some of the basic required skills. Here is the list of top 6 qualities needed to get a call centre representative job:

Excellent Verbal Communication Skills

If you are looking for a job in call centre then you must have excellent verbal communication skills for sure because call centre representatives spend most of their time talking to customers. So, good communication is a must-have feature to enter into this field. One should be a good communicator or else this is not the correct place for him or her to start her career.


Patience is the key factor in customer service job. Customers are not easy to handle always. Customers often show frustration on agents and agents who remain calm and positive during such times can deliver the best and customers will be satisfied with the service.

Team Player:

Call centre representatives basically support a company and on the production floor, they are grouped into teams for better productivity. Each team is given target or quota, which can be achieved and maintained through constant teamwork. So, a job seeker for the position of a call centre representative should be a team player.

Should Have IT Knowledge:

Having IT knowledge is very important because one will be using technologies, which include phone unit with computer along with client-specific application. So, having IT knowledge is very much essential. At times, one may also come across troubleshooting some of the IT gadgets and if one can solve his own technical concerns without waiting for the tech team then it would save time and money for the company.

Positive and Optimistic:

Customers need full support and help on products because nobody wants to face problems for something they have paid for. When they call in for help, they should get a positive outcome for their issue and in order to fulfil their need a call centre representative should sound positive with helpful attitude.

Willing to Help When Needed:

One should have the passion to help others to solve their problems. If you are not willing to help others, then customer service is not the correct place for you.